Ahrefs Keywords Explorer: Top searches for 89 countries

I regularly conduct research on ALL frequent search keywords to understand what else people are searching for, what else can be optimized for SEO, and how to earn from it.

For this purpose, I download the Top Searches for the geographic areas I’m interested in, and then meticulously cluster them or manually review what people are searching for. I enjoy exploring the search results and studying the specifics. Sometimes this process generates new ideas for tests it’s not all about gambling.

All GEOs

zip archive, contains all 89 csv files. Password: ein.gg

All Geo570 MBDownload

Individual export files

In csv format without password.

1Algeria47 MBDownload
2Argentina54 MBDownload
3Armenia43 MBDownload
4Australia52 MBDownload
5Austria51 MBDownload
6Azerbaijan45 MBDownload
7Bangladesh48 MBDownload
8Belarus47 MBDownload
9Belgium50 MBDownload
10Bolivia51 MBDownload
11Brazil53 MBDownload
12Bulgaria46 MBDownload
13Cambodia44 MBDownload
14Cameroon48 MBDownload
15Canada52 MBDownload
16Chile51 MBDownload
17Colombia52 MBDownload
18Cote D'ivoire44 MBDownload
19Cyprus45 MBDownload
20Czech Republic49 MBDownload
21Denmark50 MBDownload
22Dominican Republic50 MBDownload
23Ecuador51 MBDownload
24Egypt49 MBDownload
25Finland48 MBDownload
26France52 MBDownload
27Georgia44 MBDownload
28Germany52 MBDownload
29Ghana50 MBDownload
30Greece47 MBDownload
31Hong Kong42 MBDownload
32Hungary47 MBDownload
33Iceland40 MBDownload
34India51 MBDownload
35Indonesia50 MBDownload
36Iraq46 MBDownload
37Ireland51 MBDownload
38Israel46 MBDownload
39Italy52 MBDownload
40Japan47 MBDownload
41Jordan48 MBDownload
42Kazakhstan48 MBDownload
43Kenya50 MBDownload
44Korea41 MBDownload
45Latvia45 MBDownload
46Lithuania46 MBDownload
47Luxemboudg46 MBDownload
48Malaysia48 MBDownload
49Malta46 MBDownload
50Mexico53 MBDownload
51Moldova46 MBDownload
52Montenegro43 MBDownload
53Myanmar42 MBDownload
54Nepal49 MBDownload
55Netherlands51 MBDownload
56New Zealand50 MBDownload
57Nigeria51 MBDownload
58Norway49 MBDownload
59Pakistan50 MBDownload
60Peru51 MBDownload
61Philippines51 MBDownload
62Poland52 MBDownload
63Portugal49 MBDownload
64Romania48 MBDownload
65Russia49 MBDownload
66Saudi Arabia50 MBDownload
67Senegal47 MBDownload
68Serbia47 MBDownload
69Singapore51 MBDownload
70Slovakia47 MBDownload
71Slovenia46 MBDownload
72South Africa51 MBDownload
73Spain52 MBDownload
74Sri Lanka48 MBDownload
75Sweden50 MBDownload
76Switzerland50 MBDownload
77Taiwan42 MBDownload
78Tanzania45 MBDownload
79Thailand45 MBDownload
80Tunisia48 MBDownload
81Turkey51 MBDownload
82Uganda47 MBDownload
83Ukraine49 MBDownload
84United Arab Emirates51 MBDownload
85United Kingdom53 MBDownload
86United States55 MBDownload
87Uzbekistan46 MBDownload
88Venezuela51 MBDownload
89Vietnam46 MBDownload

Specific exports

A small number of custom tails for deeper searches for specific β€œniche” queries.

Keyword, CountrySizeDownload
"ai", United States46 MBDownload
"api", United States31 MBDownload
"best", United States60 MBDownload
"online", United States52 MBDownload
"γŠγ™γ™γ‚", Japan42 MBDownload

A similar report for 2023 is available on my Telegram channel.

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